For Europe, but against this constitution

Many Dutch people are uneasy about Europe. They view it as distant, unwieldy and bureaucratic. If this Constitution is implemented in its current form, then Europe is destined to remain like this for the next 40 years!

Europe is important for a variety of reasons; peace and security, the economy and cross-border issues such as crime and the environment. And Europe is becoming ever more important, with the increasing internationalisation of the economy and the challenges we face in today's world.

The EU already has great influence over the administration of the Netherlands - and a good part of our country's administration is dependent on EU decision-making. It is already the case that the EU can make binding decisions that the Netherlands in fact opposes. For this reason it is particularly important that the decision-making process is democratic. But this Constitution isn't democratic. It places lots of power with the larger member states, while smaller member states have hardly any say. It can be different - and it must be different. But if we accept this Constitution now, it will be practically impossible to change it.

Once this Constitution is adopted, it cannot be changed in the short term. If we say 'Yes' to this Constitution, we will be stuck with it for the next 40 years, with the same European power structure: i.e. one that is bureaucratic, distant and unaccountable. If we say 'No', we have the possibility of improving Europe's Constitution. Democratic Europe proposes three concrete improvements (see advice on voting), that will provide Europe with a democratic structure that will ensure it is well-governed in the long term. But first we must reject this Constitution.

If you are for Europe, vote against this Constitution.


Democratisch Europa, niet te verwarren met VDE,